Alicia's Barber & Styling Salon

Alicia's Barber & Styling Salon opened in 1993, and San Clemente was a much smaller town back then. Alicia's Barber & Styling Salon now occupies the same location where a small town "barber shop" did business for 25 years. Alicia's techniques of style cutting men's hair, exclusively, became so successful that many of her gentlemen clients requested Alicia also cut and style their wives' hair. Now even children enjoy going to Alicia's for their favorite hair style.

No two heads are shaped exactly alike, and hair textures vary. Proper cutting and shaping of hair requires experience and skill, along with that artistic touch. We are experts in that field. We are your professional hair stylist.

Our goal is to always have satisfied, happy, loyal customers. We'll even serve you coffee and cookies, along with our warm welcoming smiles.



Jennifer Chin